Schedule a Student Remote Support Appointment

CUIMC students can use our online form to schedule an appointment for first level remote assistance with a technical issue or question from the CUIMC IT website.

How to schedule an appointment

  1. Go to or click the Get Help link from anywhere on the CUIMC IT website.
  2. Select the Walk-in support icon, below the search bar. Service Portal's "Get Help", Login, and Walk In Support links circled
  3. At the prompt, log in with your Columbia UNI and password.
    TIP:Your Columbia UNI account is the same one used for Student Services Online, CourseWorks, and myColumbia.
  4. Your web browser may show a location request prompt, be sure to click past this (it is OK to deny the request, allow, or simply click x to close the prompt). Once you do, the Walk-up/Online Check-in form will appear. Browser location request pop up
  5. In the Select a Location field, choose CUIMC Student Remote Support.
    Location field with Remote Support option
  6. Enter your phone number and select a reason for the appointment.
  7. Click the calendar icon on the next field to see and select an available half hour appointment.
    • Appointments can currently be scheduled for up to a week in advance.
    • To see the following week use the right arrow above the list of appointments.
    Appointment times in calendar
  8. When you have selected the desired date and time, click Select in the lower right.
  9. Click the Schedule appointment button to finish.
    • A You have successfully scheduled an appointment message will appear briefly at the top of the window, and your appointment details will show in the middle of the window.
    • If needed you can reschedule (select the calendar to the right of the appointment date/time) or use the Cancel button to cancel.
    Appointment scheduling success window
  10. The scheduling system will send an Appointment confirmation message to your CUIMC email account.
  11. Once a technician is assigned to your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions for connecting to remote support. As stated at the top of the page, this may not arrive immediately during peak periods.

When your appointment starts

Please be online and ready before your appointment starts.  We are not able to go past the scheduled half hour for your appointment.

Use the email you received to open any support link or follow instructions provided by our technicians to assist you during the appointment.

Cancel or reschedule your appointment

  1. Return to the appointment form by following steps 1 to 3 of How to schedule an appointment above, or using the link in the Appointment confirmation email you receive immediately after scheduling your appointment.
  2. You will see the window shown in step 9 above.
    • To Reschedule, click the calendar icon to the right of your appointment date and time, select a new available appointment, and follow steps 8 through 10 of How to schedule an appointment above.
    • To cancel, click the Cancel button.  At the Warning prompt that appears click Continue (to proceed with cancelling your appointment).
      Cancel confirmation warning
  3. The scheduling system will send an automated email confirming your appointment's rescheduling or cancellation.