Campus Telephones and Services

The majority of the Medical Center locations are supported by the Avaya SL-100 Telecommunications system using Meridian multi-line telephones.  The Meridian phones have a variety of features and functions that can be ordered in different configurations to meet specific requirements.  Single line phones, analog lines (for fax, modems, and veriphones) are also available in the system.  Detail on these phone and line types is located below.

Select one of the following links for information on Telephone Repair, Cellular Phone Service, and Alpha Numeric Paging.

Information on pricing can be found on our price list.

To inquire about a charge on an invoice, please submit the Telecom - Billing Inquiry form linked under Submit a Service Request or see details on billing inquiries.

Request a Phone or Service

For new phones, moves, additions, changes and voicemail, please submit the appropriate Telecom form linked under Submit a Service Request on this page.

  1. Complete the requisition based on the type of service and click Submit when done.
    • No more than one (1) phone per form.
    • Download the file as instructed in the Requisition for requests greater than one (1) telephone.
      Be sure you have read and understood all related request information, and completed the requisition properly in order to avoid delays with your request.
  2. Certain requisitions require Department Administrator approval.  In this instance, an email notification will be sent to the approver for authorization.
    • All requests that are in requested state awaiting DA approval will be automatically cancelled after 7 business days.
  3. Once a requisition is approved and then received by Telecommunications, an email notification will be sent to the requester, confirming receipt and assigned ticket number.

All requests for new phones should be completed within five (5) to ten (10) business days; larger requests may take longer. For inquiries on any requests not completed in that time frame, please access the request via ServiceNow to review updates or call 305-7777 and a representative will be able to provide status on the request.

Multi-line Phone

There is one type of multi-line telephone on the SL-100 telecommunications system; the 16-button set.  See Using CUIMC Campus Multi-line Phones for help with dialing, placing a call on hold, conference calling and other features.

16-button set (M2616)

The 16-button set has a built in speaker for hands free communications, and a display that shows features, instructions, and incoming call information. There are 16 feature/extension keys. Two of the 16 keys are fixed (program key and hands-free mute key). The remaining 14 keys can be used for extension appearances or features.

Key-Expansion Module

By adding a Key Expansion Module, the 16-button set (M2616) can accommodate additional 22 or 44 programmable keys, supporting extension appearances and/or features. Please note that there is a maximum of two modules that can be attached to the phone set.

Single Line Phone

The single line phone is configured for one line and does not have two way speaker capability or feature keys. This type would work well when installed in a laboratory environment.

Analog Line

An analog line can be installed with or without a single line telephone instrument. When installed without an instrument, the line is primarily used to support modems, veriphones (credit card swipes), audio conference phones and alarms.

Fax Services

New fax lines, which must be analog, are no longer offered.  Please see the Fax Services at CUIMC page for full details, including how to request RightFax for electronic faxing.

VoIP set (M5216)

CUIMC Telecom provides VoIP telephone services at remote locations and on the main CUIMC campus under certain circumstances. To verify that we can accommodate your requirements for installation, first email us at with brief details.

The VoIP set has a built in speaker for hands free communications, and an LCD display that shows features, instructions, and incoming call information. There are 6 user defined feature keys. These keys can be used for extension appearances or features. For features and instructions please see the VoIP Quick Reference Guide.

NOTE:  In the event a new telephone jack is required, please contact 5-Help and open a ticket before opening a request with Telecommunications for VoIP installation. The telephone jack request is submitted to Core Resources, they will contact our cable installation specialists, who will provide a proposal for the cost of the cable run and jack installation.