About Pharos Printing

The Pharos system manages printers, copiers, and scanners located in many common areas of the CUIMC campus, and is primarily used by students.

Anyone wanting to use Pharos must have the following:

In brief, you can print to Pharos by:

  1. Send a print job from a computer that is connected to the Pharos print queue(s).
  2. Enter your MC username (typically your UNI) in the Pharos pop up window that appears on the computer.
  3. Go to any Pharos printer on campus and tap your ID card on its reader or login with your MC account.
  4. Select the print job(s) you'd like to print.

For detailed steps, including changing double-sided options, see Send a Print Job to Pharos. More help using Pharos can be found under Related Articles.