Software Downloads for Faculty and Staff

Columbia University and the Irving Medical Center obtain site licenses for software programs that can be used on faculty and staff computers for free. We've consolidated a list of available software with links to their download and installation instructions. Non post-doctoral students should see the Software Discounts for Students page for information on free and discounted software.
IMPORTANT: some programs and versions listed below or on the Columbia University Software Downloads page are not part of the CUIMC IT supported Standard Software package, and are included as a courtesy only.

Please note that:

Site Licensed Software

Bibliographic Software

Statistical Software

These programs must be purchased but are offered at a discount through Columbia. Please select the appropriate link for further information.


Qualtrics is an online survey tool, please see details here.

Cloud Accounts for Amazon Web Services (AWS), to use space and resources such as virtual servers, data management, massive cloud storage and analytics are now available, ARC billing information is required.

Gartner Reports is no longer licensed for CUIMC/Columbia.