About MC Domain Accounts

MC accounts are used to login to different resources at CUIMC such as workforce computers, network drives, the Pharos printing system and more.  They must be requested by your department or school (they are not created automatically), and only provide access to the resources that the department or school has approved.

Your MC user name is typically the same as your UNI, however its password does not synchronize as they are separate accounts/systems.  MC and CUIMC email passwords do synchronize.

Most workforce computers at CUIMC are joined to a domain, the term used for a managed area of resources on a network. This allows you to connect to the same network drive(s), printers, and possibly see the same desktop icons and web browser favorites after you log in to a domain-connected computer.

The primary domain at CUIMC is called MC (Medical Center) and is managed by CUIMC IT. For help with other domains you must contact the group managing it.  If you are not sure who this is, check with a supervisor or others who use the domain and its resources. If you are at a computer you can also Look Up a Computer's Domain.

NOTE: NYP staff with a valid CWID account can log in to systems on the MC domain, and access network drives if they have been granted permission. Instead of using the MC\UNI format to log in, use NYH\CWID where CWID is your own individual username.