Alpha Numeric Paging

We are no longer offering new pagers or transferring legacy pagers to new users. Alternatives to pagers are Mobile Heartbeat (MHB, see details below), or other messaging options using Epic mobile apps.

To disconnect an existing alpha numeric pager, please submit the Telecom - Pager Unit form linked under Submit a Request on this page.

How to Page from a Pager Unit

  1. Dial 305-5880 to reach the paging system.
  2. Enter the 5 digit pager number of the person you want to page (i.e. 8XXXX).
  3. Follow the paging system prompts.

If you wish to bypass the paging system you can dial the persons 10 digit pager number directly (i.e. 917 899-XXXX), then follow the paging system prompts.

To send messages, check status, change status, or get a history of pages via Smart Web, logon to Click the pager icon and follow the instructions by using your 5 digit (8XXXX) pager number and password.

Mobile Heartbeat (MHB)

MHB is a mobile app with paging features used at NYPH.  For details on set up and use please see (login with your CWID account if prompted).


For additional help with paging procedures or Mobile Heartbeat please contact NYPH Telecommunications at 212-305-7740.