Pharos Print Center

The Pharos Print Center website can be used upload print jobs to Pharos from any computer or mobile device that is connected to the secure CUIMC network (Mercury wireless or on-campus wired), including Linux. Simply log in to the website with your MC account and select Upload to send a file from the computer or device to your queue.

To use the print center please follow steps below or see our quick video tutorial.

Using the Print Center

  1. Go to
    IMPORTANT:  This is an intranet site and will only open when directly connected to the secure campus network via Mercury wireless or on-campus wired.
  2. Type in your MC account username and password, then click the Log in button.
    TIP: Your MC username is the first part of your CUIMC email address (typically your UNI), and the password is the same one used for your CUIMC email. Pharos Print Center login prompt
  3. You will see a Job List showing all unprinted documents you've sent to Pharos within the past 24 hours. If not select the Job List tab in the upper left. Pharos Print Center window showing Job List and Upload
  4. Select the Upload button and follow prompts to upload a file from the computer or device to your Job List.
    • IMPORTANT: All uploads default to black and white, double-sided. To change either, or to select other options such as the number of copies, check the box to the right of the print job, then use menus under Print options: in the lower right of the Print Center window. Animation in print center to select a print and change to Color printer
    • If a print job was sent directly from a computer rather than using the Upload button in the Print Center website, print options cannot be adjusted here. You must have set any options when sending the print job from the computer.
  5. Log out of the Print Center window by clicking your name in the upper right and selecting log out.

To print out, go to any Pharos printer on campus, login with your MC account or tap your CUIMC ID, then select the job(s) to print. For detailed steps see printing from a Touch Screen or Multi-Function Touch Panel printer.

View Activity, Balance, or Delete Print Jobs

When logged in to the Print Center you can also: