Add or Remove a Delegate in ServiceNow

ServiceNow allows you to assign a Delegate to approve requests, get copies of notifications, and (for IT staff with a role in ServiceNow to work on tickets, tasks, etc.) update your assigned items.

Note that any Delegates will only be able to see and approve requests that were submitted after they were added as your delegate.

Add or Remove a Delegate

  1. Go to
    You can also select Get Help in the main menu bar from any page of the CUIMC IT website.
  2. Select the Login link in the upper right (if you are not logged in already), then enter your UNI account and password.
  3. Select your name in the upper right, then Profile.
    Add Delegates in ServiceNow profile
    • Remove a Delegate - click the X next to the right of their name near the bottom of your Profile, then click OK. No further steps are required to remove a delegate.
  4. To add a Delegate, Select the + (plus sign) to the right of the Delegates field near the bottom of your profile.
  5. A Manage Delegates window will appear.  To add a Delegate  In the Delegate field type in the UNI of the person you would like to give Approval access to.  By default all options in the right are checked:
    • Approvals and CC notifications should remain checked.  They allow the Delegate to approve requests on your behalf and to get a copy of email notifications when a request is ready for approval.  Be sure to let them know in advance that they will be receiving these notifications.
    • Assignments only apply if you have IT access or a role in ServiceNow where you are assigned to work on tickets, tasks, etc.; de-check unless you want the delegate to be able to update your assigned tasks as well.
    • De-check the option for Meeting invitations; this is not currently used in CUIMC ServiceNow.
    • To verify you have entered the correct UNI, click the i to the right of the UNI in the Delegate field.
    Manage Delegates window
  6. If desired adjust any Start and End dates for the Delegate by clicking the calendar icon to the right of these fields.  The Delegate will only have access during the dates specified here.
  7. Click the Save button in the lower right.  A brief Record Added message will appear to the left of the Save button.
  8. Click OK to close the Manage Delegates window.  Delegates you have added and their access (approvals, assignments, etc.) will be listed at the bottom of your Profile.

View Approvals by a Delegate

If your delegate has approved a request for you, their UNI will show as the Approver in your Approvals list.
Delegate's UNI in list of Approvals