SAS Statistical Software Licenses

SAS is a statistical analysis software program that can be licensed by CUIMC faculty, staff, and students.  Licenses must be renewed annually and will only run during the period specified by SAS.

Purchasing and License Period

This page, the License Distribution Rules page, and the SAS FAQs all contain detailed information on using and licensing SAS from CUIMC IT.

Versions and Compatibility

The current version is SAS 9.4 TS1M7 for 64-bit Windows.

Note: Not all versions of Windows are fully compatible with the above version of SAS. Please use the form at to verify your specific operating system configuration, and contact SAS technical support directly with any questions.  The licensee is responsible for verifying the hardware and software requirements on any computer on which SAS is to be installed.

SAS does not offer a Mac-compatible version and offers limited support in virtual environments. We highly recommend reviewing all information and contacting SAS with any questions before ordering and installing SAS on Apple equipment.

Included Products

SAS 9.4 is the Educational Analytical Suite with Base SAS and:
  • SAS Bridge for ESRI
  • SAS Integration Technologies
  • SAS/ACCESS Interfaces1
  • SAS/AF
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Enterprise Miner for Desktop
  • SAS/OR
  • SAS/QC

1SAS/ACCESS Interfaces are for Amazon Redshift, Aster, DB2, Greenplum, HAWQ, Hadoop, Impala, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Netezza, ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle, PC Files, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and Teradata.

Anyone running an earlier version than what is currently offered must upgrade. This means you must purchase a license and installation kit for the upgrade version.

Technical Support

CUIMC IT Service Desk provides this license as a service to the Columbia University Irving Medical Center community. Potential licensees should refer to the rules regarding licensing at CUIMC. Whenever possible, the Service Desk will answer questions about the installation and use of SAS. However, the licensee is responsible for the installation and for understanding and maintaining his/her own hardware and operating system.

Please contact SAS technical support directly with any issues or questions regarding your software.

Cost and Payment

SAS licenses are $142 each for the current period. There is no bulk pricing or pro-rating for licenses.

Payment can now be made by credit card online (payment details can be entered after submitting your order), as well as ARC chart string (faculty and staff), and cash. P-Cards cannot be used.

How to License SAS

If you are not sure what to order, please see the FAQ titled How do I know what kind of license to order or whether I need an installation kit?

Please review all of these steps prior to submitting the online order form.

  1. Complete the SAS/SPSS Software Sales Request form linked under Submit a Service Request on this page.
    • Orders cannot be refunded or exchanged for any reason once the online form has been submitted.
    • Students: please note additional agreement conditions listed on the Site License Agreement form.
    • If you need installation files (for a new or upgraded license), please select the appropriate Media Kit option on the form:
      • Software via OneDrive will let you receive installation files remotely at no extra cost.
      • You will receive full details on obtaining your installation files when your order is processed.
  2. Once your order has been processed (typically within one business day) you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your purchase (if applicable), sign, and receive the order electronically.
    • You must agree to install SAS on only those machines for which you have paid. This is subject to auditing by the SAS institute.

For queries on site licensing, please email the CUIMC IT Service Desk at