Send a Print Job to Pharos From a Computer

All labs, classrooms and clusters listed on the Computing Areas page are set to print to Pharos. You can also easily configure your own Windows or Macintosh computer for Pharos, or use the Print Center website to upload print jobs from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and Linux computers.

IMPORTANT:  When printing to Pharos your computer or device must be directly connected to the secure campus network via Mercury wireless or wired.
Using Pharos from off campus with VPN is not supported.

How to Print to Pharos

  1. Select File - Print as you normally would from within the software program you are using.
    TIP: large files may cause issues during print out. To avoid this break your print job into smaller page increments or print a PDF as an image.
  2. In the print dialogue window that opens, select the desired Pharos queue and settings:
    • To print to ANY black and white Pharos printer on campus, select the CUMC_B&W queue. This is the default printer on all public computers.
    • Black and white Pharos printers print double-sided by default. To change or check your double-sided options before you print:
      • Windows - select the Properties button in the Print window, then the Printing Shortcuts tab and change the option under Print on both sides.
      • Macintosh - select File - Print and look for the Two-Sided option. You may need to change a drop-down menu from Preview to Layout to see more Two-Sided options.
    • To use the Color printers select the CUMC_Color queue. NOTE: Color printers cannot print double-sided.
    • Make sure the Document/Paper size is set to Letter (8.5 by 11 inches).
  3. After a moment, a Pharos popup window will appear on your computer’s screen prompting you to log in. Type in your MC login ID (the first part of your CUIMC email account, typically your UNI) and select the Print button in the lower right.
    Pharos Log In Popup
  4. Your print job will remain in your Pharos queue for 24 hours. To print it, go to a Pharos printer on campus, sign in, and select the document(s) you'd like to print.
    For help see detailed instructions to for either:  
    • Touch Screen Printer - Pharos printers with a touch screen attached to the printer. This includes the color printers.
    • Multi Function Touch Panel Printer - Pharos multi function printers (MFP) that use a smaller touch panel on the front of the printer itself to control printing. MFPs also offer copy and scan options.