About IT Procedures and Guidelines at CUIMC

Anyone using CUIMC resources, whether you are a part time employee setting up CUIMC email on your personal smart phone or IT staff installing a server for a clinical department, must know and comply with applicable procedures and requirements.  This includes Columbia University policies, CUIMC Information Security Procedures, and support or agreements for using CUIMC IT managed resources and staff.

Many requirements are linked under Related Articles on this page.  A more complete list is in the CUIMC IT Knowledge Base's Procedures and Guidelines category, or contact 5help or your Certified IT Group for specific help on a topic.

Enforcement and Repercussions

Violation of policies can subject the individual to discipline, which might include but are not limited to, dismissal of your relationship (employment, student, consulting, etc.) with CUIMC and enforcement of legal liability. Consequences for violation, whether intentional or not, can be very costly:

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