Pharos Print Quotas

To print from the Pharos printers you must have a quota and an MC domain account.

Quota Types

Student Semester Quota

*When sending a print job to the black and white Pharos queue, make sure the Document/Paper size is set to Letter (8.5 by 11 inches).  If not Pharos will deduct the amount of pages printed from your quota.

Faculty Semester Quota

Purchased Pages

Printing and copying are charged at the same rates. Scans are free to send as an attachment to any email address.

Using Your Quota

Nothing is deducted from your quota until you log in to a Pharos printer and initiate the physical print job. The printer will display your Account Information as either pages or dollar amount remaining. Deductions are based on the individual account quota/type, please review information above if needed.

Black and white Pharos printers print double-sided by default from the public computers. To print single-sided you must select advanced options when you are first sending the print job (File - Print - Properties or Layout options). Color printers can only print single-sided.

If a print job jams, the printer should automatically re-print at the same location once the jam has been cleared. Contact the Service Desk if a printer jams and you need assistance.

All print jobs that you have not yet printed will remain in the Pharos queue under your account for 24 hours. After 24 hours, print jobs expire and are removed from the queue.