SharePoint Online Sites

SharePoint is part of the CUIMC licensed Microsoft 365 Apps suite. CUIMC SharePoint sites are HIPAA compliant, and provide several team and project collaboration features, including:

Sites are managed within your department or group, allowing for granular levels of access based on your own needs. Note that while SharePoint is great for collaboration, we strongly recommend using Network Drives for long term storage of files and work for your department.

Create a SharePoint Site

Anyone with a valid CUIMC Microsoft 365/email account can easily create one themselves.
There is also a printer-friendly (PDF) version of these steps with pictures.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign in button and login with your full CUIMC email address ( and your email password.
  3. Click the SharePoint icon in the row of Office apps/icons, which may be at the top of the page or in a list to the left.
  4. In the next window click Create Site near the top of the page.
  5. Follow prompts to create a Team site, including selecting a name and adding members. Detailed steps are on the PDF instructions.

Sites are created with a default quota of 25 TB.  NOTE: The limit for individual files in SharePoint is 100 GB.

Find an Existing SharePoint Site

To reach an existing departmental SharePoint site, follow steps 1 to 3 of Create a SharePoint Site above.  After step 3 you will see sites you recently used or to which you may have access.  You can also use the Search in SharePoint field in the upper left to look for a site by name.

If you are not able to find or access an existing site please contact the person in your department who manages it or who originally gave you access. Permissions to access group or department sites are managed by the site owner, not CUIMC IT, so it is best to contact this person to verify that your access has not been changed. You must have an MC account to use SharePoint; in most cases those with a current CUIMC email account ( also have an MC account. Accounts for non-CUIMC affiliates can be created when requested and approved, please contact us for details.

SharePoint Help

Microsoft's SharePoint help center has current tutorials and more.  Those using SharePoint for file and folder storage, sharing etc. should read Microsoft's article to Upload files and folders to a library.

Columbia's free subscription to LinkedIn Learning also has online courses for SharePoint. To access them:

Log in with your UNI and password and search for "SharePoint Online" to see available courses.  Starter courses for a program usually include "Essential Training" or "The Basics" in the name of the course.

Note that all of the features described in tutorials may not be available, either due to your individual permissions in a particular SharePoint site or the components that are installed for CUIMC SharePoint Online.