What happens to my email when I leave CUIMC?

Employees will not have access to their @cumc.columbia.edu email address after employment with CUIMC ends due to resignation or termination; the account and messages, etc. contained in it will be deleted. See the Separations and Termination page for more details.

Students who graduate are notified by their school regarding deletion of their @cumc.columbia.edu 90 days after graduation. The email notifications from the school include information on saving your CUIMC email messages, signing up for an alumni account, and other steps that should be taken.

Students who are studying abroad or on a long absence will not lose their @cumc.columbia.edu accounts provided their student record remains active in the Student Information System, however it is important to verify this in advance with the school.

In any case, before leaving or before your CUIMC email account access is removed, it is possible to Save Email Account Data on a computer or removable media so you can still access messages and other data.