Mercury Secure Wireless

Faculty, staff and students can use Mercury secure wireless at supported campus locations after running a quick registration and set up on their computer or device.

If your computer or mobile device has already completed initial registration and set up, you can simply select Mercury from its list of available wireless networks.

Otherwise you can easily register and set up your endpoint by following the Quick Steps below, using or our video tutorial for computer set up, or view full detailed steps including troubleshooting for:

NOTE: For Android, Chromebook, and Ubuntu we highly recommend following the detailed steps.
If you are using a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, be sure you have downloaded and installed both the certificate and profile.

Mercury set up will enforce CUIMC security policies on the endpoint, including requiring a password or PIN. If a password/PIN is over 180 days old, it will prompt to update it.

Quick Steps to Connect to Mercury

  1. Close any open programs, and make sure you know the administrative login and password/PIN for the computer or device. If not please contact your Certified IT Group to set up Mercury for you.
  2. Visit and log in to the online form using your UNI account. If registering from off-campus, you must be connected to VPN to reach the form.
  3. Follow prompts to automatically set up the computer/device for Mercury.

Once these initial registration steps are successfully completed the device will automatically connect to Mercury when in range. 

Annual Registration

Any device that has already registered must re-register before one year has passed.

Registration allows us to maintain accurate records on systems that continue to use the campus network. See the registration reminder FAQ for additional details.