FileVault Full Disk Encryption for Macintosh

FileVault full-disk encryption, also called FileVault 2, is Apple's native encryption program for Macintosh computers. It meets encryption requirements for Macs used at CUIMC that store, transmit, or access confidential or sensitive data. It may not be turned on by default.

Before using FileVault or any encryption program, be sure you have reviewed and understood how to prepare for and use the program.  The purpose of encryption is to make data unreadable if proper credentials (usually a login and password) are not provided. Issues including permanent loss of files can occur if you do not adequately prepare your computer and data before setting up or using an encryption program.

How FileVault Works

FileVault uses full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication. Decryption happens transparently after entering your Mac login and password, simply work on it as you normally would. After logout or shut down everything is encrypted and cannot be read without an authorized login.

For Macs used at CUIMC please follow our instructions for Turning on FileVault.