Fax Services at CUIMC

NYPH and CUIMC are phasing out physical fax machines on campus, and are instead able to offer a digital fax service already used at NYPH called RightFax or eFax.

If your department or group already has a fax machine set up and in use on campus, it is currently OK to continue using it, however we recommend considering moving to RightFax soon in preparation of physical fax decommissioning.  There is not currently a target date.

New Fax Requests


This can be requested by CUIMC faculty and staff by following instructions here. While previously a shared mailbox and software installation was required, these are no longer necessary.  RightFax at CUIMC will be online only, which is more convenient (especially for remote workers), more environmentally friendly, and cost saving as it eliminates the need to purchase fax paper and ink.

Physical Faxes

In almost all cases, a physical fax (which requires an analog phone line) cannot be set up going forward on campus.  NYPH is enforcing migration from analog lines to digital phone lines going forward, which means that CUIMC will be doing so as well.

If your department or division has extenuating circumstances that require an analog line, please call the NYPH Service Desk at extension 4-Help (212-746-4357) to further assess the matter.

Migrate from a Physical Fax to RightFax

If your department or group already uses a fax at a CUIMC location, request that the fax number be converted to RightFax by following instructions here.  IMPORTANT: Once an analog line is converted to RightFax/digital, it cannot be reversed. Note that eventually all analog lines will be decommissioned.