Using Online Service Request Forms

CUIMC IT services can be requested using the online forms linked under Submit a Service Request and in our Service Catalog. Some requests can only be viewed and submitted by staff in a Certified IT group, please contact them to place a request on your behalf. All forms require login with a UNI account.

Please be sure you fully understand the service(s) that you are requesting prior to submitting any form. If the information you submit is not accurate or complete your request may be delayed, incur additional fees or have to be re-submitted.

These forms serve as an electronic record of your request. Shortly after you submit your request, you will receive an email with your request number for tracking purposes.

For help see brief descriptions of each service request below.  Information for accounts and programs not listed here may be found on the CUIMC Applications and Access article.

Email and Domain

MC Domain and/or Exchange Email Account

A domain account is used to log in to computers on the MC domain and access network drives.  Exchange email accounts are used by CUIMC faculty, staff and students.  The Department Administrator's name and email address are required for approval. The employee needing an account must have already received their Columbia UNI.

Exchange Shared Mailbox

A shared email account for more than one approved person to monitor and respond to messages received (please see Collaborative Email Solutions for a full description and related group email options). The mailbox name will appear before; it should not be generic and should include a recognizable department or topical name or abbreviation. Owners and members must already have their own CUIMC email account; DA approval and ARC information is required.

Add or Modify Exchange Shared Mailbox Access

Add or change someone's access to an existing Shared Mailbox, including designating Owner and Member access. Access can only be given to those with an existing CUIMC email account; DA approval is required.

Mailing List

An email address typically used for mass communication such as event notification, news delivery or group discussion (see Collaborative Email Solutions for a full description and related options). CUIMC mailing lists are managed by the Listserv program and end in

Incoming Student Bulk Email Request

For School and Department Administrators requesting 10 or more CUIMC student email accounts.

Network Storage, SharePoint, SAS and SPSS Licenses

Network Drives

Storage space on CUIMC IT managed network drives for faculty and staff who already have an MC domain account.

Secure Network Drive Folder Creation

Request a new folder under an existing network drive and give access to those with an MC domain account. To add or change access to an existing folder please use the Network Drive Access form.

SAS or SPSS Software Licenses

Order licenses and installation media for SAS or SPSS statistical programs. Licenses expire within a specific range of yearly dates that are set by the SAS and SPSS software vendors.

Network Connectivity

NOTE: Only staff in an approved CUIMC Certified IT Group can submit IP Registrations and Updates.

IP (Wired) Registration

Please contact your Certified IT Group to submit this request.  Connection to the wired campus network requires that a computer be registered via the Wired IP Registration Request form. This includes basic contact information on the computer's department and user, as well as the computer itself. Please see Connect to the Wired Network page for full details.

Update IP Registration 

Contact your Certified IT Group to submit the request, which is required when a computer that has already been registered for the wired campus network either: changes location on campus, becomes the primary computer for a different employee/changes "ownership", is receiving a replacement NIC (Network Interface Card) or is being disposed of or otherwise removed from the campus.
Having current information on all systems connecting to the network allows us to accurately track available network addresses and connectivity on campus.

Network Port Activation 

A network or data port is the port in the wall that a computer plugs into to connect to the wired campus network. These ports are not always "active", i.e. connected to properly configured networking equipment for the campus infrastructure. 
If any registered computer has not recently connected at a network port it may require that the department submit the Activation request form. In addition, any ports that were previously used to connect a network printer, server or other specialized system will need to be re-configured on the networking infrastructure before a computer can use the same port. If you are not sure whether a port is active, please arrange for a technician to check the port well in advance of arranging for a computer set up. 
Any computers or other systems that will be using the data port must also be registered for the wired network via the IP Request form in order to connect.

Network Port Installation

A Network Port Installation request is used to have a new network (data) port installed at a location on the CUIMC campus. Once the request is submitted, Core Resources and the cabling vendor will survey the location. A price estimate will then be given to the requesting department.
After a port is installed, port activation and network (IP) registration must still be requested as well.

New Branch Office

To submit details and plan for Wide Area Network (WAN) requirements at a new location.

Installation Requests

Computer Installation

Set up of a department owned new or existing (re-used) computer for a CUIMC employee.

Computer Relocation

This form is for reconfiguring computing equipment only (computers, printers) being moved within the CUIMC campus. Technicians are not able to perform the physical (lifting, carrying, etc) move of equipment. For information on the physical move of equipment please contact Facilities well in advance of your desired move date.

Other Hardware Installation

Set up of printer (network or local), scanner, lab equipment or other technical devices that are not a computer workstation.

Software Installation

To install software on a computer, the requesting department must have proof of licensing and installation media (USB key, disc, network drive) at the time of the installation appointment. To purchase software see Columbia's Purchasing site or contact your Department Administrator.

Analytics, Reports and Data Requests

Columbia Doctors Data Warehouse and Cognos Access Request

Please see details at the top of the form for requirements before access to Data Warehouse and Cognos can be granted.

For help with requesting Epic reports, TRAC, and more please see this page.  Some requests are not available through our Service Catalog but can be requested via email or other forms.

Advanced Technical

VLAN Change Request 

For systems moving from a specific subnet or section of the campus network; systems needing a VLAN change should have completed IP registration.

Only staff in an approved CUIMC Certified IT Group can submit Firewall, Proxy and Bandwidth exception requests listed below. 

CUIMC Firewall Exception Requests

To request an incoming or outgoing exception in the CUIMC campus firewall. The owner of the system requiring an exception must be a Director-level or above person, or a Department or Division administrator (or a designated Departmental or Divisional System administrator), or a senior faculty member. The request submitter must be in the owning department's Certified IT Group.

CUIMC Proxy Exclusion Request

Request a website currently blocked by CUIMC proxy services be allowed.

Bandwidth Exception Request

Submit information related to work and/or academic needs on a system requiring a higher level of network bandwidth than Columbia requirements allow by default.

Additional Requests

For classroom reservations, Echo360 lecture recordings and student lockers please see the Facilities website.

CUIMC Broadcast Email - submit information to send an email to the entire CUIMC community. Details and links to request a broadcast email are on the CUIMC Office of Communications website.