SAS and SPSS License Distribution

The CUIMC IT Service Desk distributes site licenses for SAS and SPSS software as a service to the CUIMC community.

This page refers to licensing requirements only. Please see the individual SAS and SPSS pages for pricing, availability, and ordering.

Licensing Requirements

Pre-payment by approved payment methods is required

Payment must always precede software or license distribution. There can be no exceptions. No software or renewal information will be given out until the Service Desk has received full payment information. Approved payment methods are noted on the SAS and SPSS pages. P-Cards cannot be used.

The License Agreement must be signed prior to license distribution

New license and renewal license purchases require a signed site license agreement each time they are licensed. The CUIMC IT Service Desk retains a copy of the license and a second copy is given to the individual. Renewals as well as new purchases require submission of the renewal form for the software.

Licenses must not be shared or used for more installations than indicated in the signed agreement.

This directly violates the SAS and SPSS licensing agreement, federal copyright regulations, and University policy.

Orders are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

Orders cannot be refunded or exchanged for any reason once the online form has been submitted. If you have any questions regarding compatibility, program use, or anything else that may affect your order, you must contact the CUIMC IT Service Desk and/or SAS or SPSS support before submitting a license request.

Bulk purchasing

Bulk purchases are not available.

License fees cannot be prorated regardless of purchase date

SAS and SPSS do not allow for proration. Both programs have a set licensing period that does not start at the time of purchase or installation.

Both programs will no longer operate after the expiration of the year's license. A new/current year’s license must be purchased in order to continue using the program.

Distribution of installation media

The CUIMC IT Service Desk does not loan out installation media. Any new purchaser of software or any licensee who would like to upgrade to a new version must purchase the media containing the software at that media kit's price.

CUIMC IT staff do not provide SAS or SPSS technical support

The CUIMC IT Service Desk provides SAS and SPSS license ordering and distribution as a service to the Medical Center community. CUIMC IT staff may be able to answer questions about the installation and use of the software. However, the licensee is responsible for verifying the compatibility of the software before ordering and installing it or its license. 

The complex nature of these programs, as well as their varied use and add-on capabilities, prevent staff from being able to fully assist with technical issues. However, licenses purchased through the CUIMC IT Service Desk include support by the SAS or SPSS technical support; please contact them directly for any assistance or questions.