Billing Inquiries for Desk Phones and Telecommunications

How to request change(s)

The billing for CUIMC Telecommunications Office is produced by Pinnacle Management System, the University's Communications Billing system. The billing data is managed at the CUIMC site. It is recommended that schools and departments review their monthly bills to identify possible changes.

For any inquiries or changes please submit the Telecom - Billing Inquiry form linked under Submit a Service Request on this page.

IMPORTANT: Billing corrections and changes need to be submitted by the 10th of the month in order for the changes to be included prior to the next billing cycle.

For lines at Russ Berrie, Irving Cancer Research Center or Lasker Biomedical Research Center that begin with 212-851-XXXX, 212-853-XXXX or 212-854-XXXX, please contact CUIT at or 854-1919.
Mobile device
s billing inquiries may be directed to CUIT as well, or the cellular provider if service was not ordered through CUIT.

For access to Pinnacle, the University's Communications Billing system, please send an email to Please note, requests for access must be approved by your Department Administrator. The email must specify the department numbers that you should have access to.