Supported Operating System Versions

The following Operating Systems are supported by CUIMC-IT. Operating system not listed as Supported on this page cannot be assumed to be supported by CUIMC IT Service Desk or Desktop staff.

General requirements regarding support of operating systems and software by CUIMC IT staff can be found on the Software and Operating Systems page.

Please check with your department, school, or CITG on their recommended operating systems and versions. Specific groups may use applications and/or resources CUIMC-IT does not track directly.

To determine what operating system (OS) you currently have, see What Operating System Does My Computer Use, or check your specific Windows or Macintosh OS version.

Supported Operating Systems



Please see important information under Unsupported below regarding running other operating systems on a Macintosh computer.


Windows 11 with Intel AX WiFi card

This network interface card (NIC) does not work with CUIMC's Mercury WiFi. Please check with your vendor when ordering to ensure this hardware is not included in your new Windows 11 computers. Note that Windows 10 does not have this limitation. 

Beta and newly released versions of any Operating System

These cannot be guaranteed to work with CUIMC resources, including wired and wireless networks. New OS updates may make changes that are not immediately compatible with third-party software and systems in use in CUIMC. These typically require time for updates to be released and testing with CUIMC resources.

Operating System no longer supported

Apple and Microsoft stop supplying critical security updates to their operating system after a certain date. Apple supports the latest three official releases, updated in this article. For Microsoft, As of January 14th, 2020, Windows 7 is no longer supported. Please do not use an outdated operating system. This is a major security risk to you and CUIMC. 

Virtual Machines/Guest Operating Systems

Systems running a virtual machine or guest operating system are not yet supported.

Unix and Linux

CUIMC-IT cannot offer support for Unix and Linux computers.