Copy Services at CUIMC

Self service copying is available via black and white multi-function Pharos printers on campus, while full service is available via Columbia Print Services.

For self service black and white copying you must have an MC account and Pharos printing quota; see below for instructions.

For full service copying visit the Columbia Print Services website: They are located on the 3rd floor of the Hammer Health Sciences Center (701 West 168th Street), please see their website for the most current information on their hours, locations, and services.

Copying on the Pharos Multi Function Printers

Multi-function printers on the same rate as printing. Only black and white self service copies are available.

  1. Place your original material for copying in either:
    • the feed tray on top of the printer, face up with the first page on the top
    • lift the top lid and place it face down against the glass, aligned to the rear left corner
  2. Tap your ID card on the reader near the touch panel, or select the Pharos icon on the touch display in the control panel on the printer, then press OK.
    NOTE: MFP control panels may have separate, physical keypads on either side of the touch screen (pictured below) or use a touch screen only. Pharos icon in Multi Function Printer display pane
  3. If prompted, type in your MC account ID for the Username and press OK, then your password and OK.
    For any login problems either use myPassword online, call us at (212) 305-4357 option 5, or come by the Service Desk in the Hammer Building LL1-118.
  4. Your Account Information will appear, press OK to continue.
  5. Panel with keys: press the Copy key in left keypad near the top
    Touch screen: tap Copier (Classic) in the upper left of the screen
  6. In the display select any desired finishing options such as:
    • Auto Reduce/Enlarge - the copier will detect the size of your original and re-size to the default paper size
    • Duplex copying - 1 sided -> 2 sided copies two 1-sided pages to one 2-sided page, while 2-sided -> 2-sided copies one 2-sided page on one 2-sided page
    Copy options on Multi Function Printer
  7. Panel with keys: Use the number keys on the right to enter the number of copies.
    Touch screen: Tap Quantity to the upper right and use number keys to set the copy amount.
  8. Select the Start key at the bottom right to begin copying.
  9. When finished press the # key (also labeled Enter, above the Start button).
  10. Select the Home key at the upper left of the printer control panel.
  11. Select the Pharos icon again to make sure you are logged out. If not, you can select log out in the lower right of the touch panel.