Set Up Mail Forwarding to CUIMC Email

To make sure that messages sent to your virtual Columbia email address ( are delivered to your CUIMC email account, you must set up UNI mail forwarding.

  1. Go to Columbia's Manage My UNI website at
  2. Select the link for UNI Mail Forwarding.Manange My UNI Site with UNI Mail Forwarding link
  3. At the login prompt enter your Columbia UNI and its password (the same used for myColumbia, CourseWorks or SSOL).
    If you elected to use Columbia University MFA for optional or all web applications, you will also be prompted to use CAS Multifactor Authentication/CU Duo.
  4. At the Mail Forwarding page, type your full CUIMC email address into the Forward to: field. UNI Mail Forwarding Page The format for CUIMC email addresses is, where uni is your own individual Columbia UNI.
  5. Select the Save Changes button at the bottom right of the page. You will see a message that your forwarding will take approximately 15 minutes to begin.
  6. Select the Logout link to exit the Mail Forwarding page.

Once forwarding takes effect, any messages addressed to your virtual address will automatically be forwarded to your CUIMC email account.

Recommended Next Steps