Uploading Files to Teams

You can upload files from a computer - including any network drive your computer is connected to - to Teams for easier access that does not require VPN when working remotely.  Teams is HIPAA compliant and can be used for any level of data at CUIMC.


  1. Use a compatible web browser on your computer (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox) and go to: https://teams.microsoft.com
  2. Login with your full CUIMC email address (youruni@cumc.columbia.edu) and password. If you are off campus, you will also be prompted to use your CUIMC Duo multifactor authentication method, for help see Using CUIMC Email and Office 365 Apps with Duo.
  3. Select the Teams channel you'll use for storing files
  4. Select Files in the top menu (below the Teams search bar)
    Files link in selected Team
  5. Select Open in SharePoint from the menu that appears below Files.  You may need to select an ellipsis ... first to find this option.
    Open in SharePoint link
  6. The SharePoint Documents window will open. This is the "library" that Teams uses for file storage. From here you can:
    • Click Upload and select the files or folders on the computer or attached network drive
    • Drag and drop files and folders from an open file browser on your computer to the SharePoint Documents library.
    Dragging a folder into SharePoint Documents
  7. An Uploading status will show in the menu bar above the list of documents.  When done your files and folders will be listed and can be accessed via the Team.
    Uploading in menu bar

For more help see information on Microsoft's website:

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Microsoft Teams video training

There is also a Help (?) link in the lower left corner of Teams.