Encryption and Passcodes for iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads used at CUIMC must be encrypted and have a password/code lock.  If your device is configured to use your CUIMC email account, this is enforced automatically.  If not you can use instructions below to make sure your device follows CUIMC encryption requirements.

Perform a backup

See Apple's How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch instructions for help. We strongly recommend backing up to a computer that is already properly encrypted. If any data on the device and/or back up falls under certain classification levels, it cannot be stored (even temporarily) with an External Host such as Apple's iCloud as per University Policy.

Set a Passcode Lock and Encryption

  1. Select Settings from the home screen, then Passcode (or Touch ID/Face ID & Passcode).
  2. If there is an option for Simple Passcode make sure it is set to Off, or tap Passcode Options and select Custom Alphanumeric or Custom Numeric Code depending on your preference.
    IMPORTANT: At this point a passcode of at least 6 digits is required by CUIMC, though we recommend setting a strong password. DO NOT choose the 4-Digit Numeric Code option.
  3. Enter your desired passcode of at least 6 digits, then enter it again at the Verify... prompt.
  4. If prompted, enter your Apple ID Password and tap Continue.
  5. In the Passcode Lock screen, scroll to the bottom to verify that the last button reads Data protection is enabled. This means that data on the device is encrypted.
  6. Return to the Settings screen.
  7. Select Display & Brightness (on older iOS versions you may not see this option, if so skip to the next step).
  8. Select Auto-Lock, then select an auto-lock time of 5 minutes or less.

Your device will now require the passcode you selected in step 3 when the device is turned on, restarted, or upon "wake" after 5 minutes or more of inactivity.

Set a Fingerprint to Unlock

iPhone 5s and later models can also use a fingerprint to unlock the phone while it is powered on. The passcode would still be required when the phone is restarted. IMPORTANT: Do not set more than one fingerprint to unlock as this would be similar to sharing your password.

  1. Go to Settings, then Touch ID & Passcode; or Settings,  General Passcode & Fingerprint, and Fingerprints.
  2. Select use a fingerprint to unlock iPhone. Additional options to use a fingerprint for store purchases can be selected as well.
  3. Select Add a Fingerprint and follow the on screen instructions.